Work Flow


Work Flow

A truck backs into the receiving bay, to allow totes of electrolyte feedstock to be delivered for a pilot campaign. Months of treatability studies and modelling have preceded this delivery, resulting in the design specification for a modular pilot plant which has been constructed within our custom fabrication facilities.

Following rigorous HAZOP studies and safety protocols, the pilot plant is hooked up to the extensive plug-and-play facility at BC Research and stands freshly commissioned for a 24/7 pilot campaign. Qualified operators, often with our client in attendance, monitor the comprehensively instrumented unit. Chemical samples are drawn and rushed to the adjacent analytical laboratories for a rapid turnaround, and re-calibration of the process.
Each analytical step is supported by chemists familiar with the chemical make-up specific to this flow sheet.

The effluent is treated, classified, and prepared for disposal. As the campaign winds down, the reactor is carefully disassembled and sent for material analysis for wear, corrosion, and coating performance.

Engineering input has drawn on the specialist expertise and scale-up experience within the NORAM Group of companies, and the pilot plant has been designed with the end-goal in mind. Each unit process has been carefully sized to be representative and scalable to actual industrial specifications, and now, with sufficient pilot data in hand, approval is received to move to the next stage – a scaled-up design for the first industrial demonstration plant.

A proposal for a basic engineering and equipment package is developed. Shop drawings are prepared in-house, and key equipment and major process vessels are manufactured in-house within the fabrication facility. BC Research’s engineers continue the planning process with the client’s contractors to deliver a first-of-kind process plant.

From proof-of-concept to pilot to industrial scale – the ability to take the process in-house and execute R&D, engineering, and fabrication under one roof makes BC Research a unique facility. Seamless integration along the scale-up and commercialization path allows us to take novel processes to market faster.


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