The remediation and protection of industrial water resources relies on an understanding of phase separation at a deep mechanistic level. BC Research undertakes fundamental research through a number of collaborative initiatives and supported programmes with universities.

Multi-year research initiatives have made us a leading proponent in areas such as:

Rapid-response solutions to oil spills in marine environments in the formulation of a family of novel ‘herders’ and ‘gellants.’

The removal of microplastics from domestic and industrial effluents.

Phase separation in oil-sand tailings.

Other Areas

Other areas of industrial water use are addressed with proprietary technologies in:

Switchable solvents to replace toxic or environmentally deleterious solvents.

Hydrothermal processing technologies to crack incalcitrant compounds.

Innovative hydrocyclones for phase separation.

Chemical modification of functional species used in heavy metal sequestration.

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