Hydrogen is the vector for an enormous global effort in the energy transition to net-zero.

BC Research was an early entrant to the hydrogen economy, and conducts R&D in a number of focus areas:
Hydrogen Membranes

The acquisition of Membrane Reactor Technologies (MRT) created an internal center of excellence for the development of metallic hydrogen membranes and reactors.

Experience has been built around the supply of membrane reactor designs for pilot plants worldwide.

Our particular expertise is on the extraction of high-purity hydrogen from high-temperature steam methane (SMR) reformers, to advance the water-shift reaction and improve yields.

More recently, attention has been given to the application of intermediate temperature hydrogen membrane separators for hydrogen recycle applications, and extracting hydrogen from gaseous mixtures.

We conduct work in collaboration with other laboratories on the development of palladium-based hydrogen membranes and have developed a family of proprietary alloy formulations.

Green hydrogen

Fugitive hydrogen from cell-houses represents a significant source of renewable hydrogen worldwide, and our interest has centered on the by-product hydrogen derived from electrochemical salt-splitting reactions.

BC Research also has valuable expertise to offer in the design and industrialization of cell-stacks for membrane water electrolysis

Autonomous Laboratories
BC Research is a participant in Canada’s Materials Acceleration Program (MAP). We work in the area of critical minerals in clean energy applications, notably precious metals for hydrogen production and refinement.

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