Forest Products


Forest Products

BC Research has invested over the course of 25+ years in technology to promote value-added strategies and the beneficiation of Canada’s extensive forest resources.

We have leading expertise and reactors to support development in:

The production and refinement of Crystalline Nano-Cellulose (CNC), a specialized derivative of pulp that is being commercialized for its unique optical, rheological, coating and composite properties.

The proprietary LignoForce™ process for producing odour-free lignin from Kraft pulp. In addition to its incorporation into engineered wood products, its aromatic structure makes lignin an ideal pre-cursor for a range of green chemicals.

The derivation of important green chemicals such as BTEX (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene) to replace fossil derivatives. The NORAM Group of companies is the world’s largest supplier of nitration technology to the polyurethane industry and is constantly working to reduce the carbon intensity of its processes.

Biogenic and low-carbon fuels. BC Research is working with the petrochemical sector on pathways to producing renewable feedstocks, and biocrudes for co-processing.

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