We have developed expertise in both organic and inorganic electrochemical synthesis. We support development work in:

Cell design
Process development
Process optimization
We provide comprehensive analytical support services under one roof, ranging from ICP analysis at the ppb level to electron microscopy for failure and performance analysis.

NORAM Electrolysis Systems

BC Research hosts the NORAM Electrolysis Systems pilot plant – a versatile facility that:

Is uniquely suited to the conversion of lithium brine streams derived from salar, spodumene and thermal brine sources into high-purity lithium hydroxide for the Lithium Ion Battery (LIB) industry.

Is adaptable to salt-splitting of by-product waste chemicals such as sodium sulphate Na2SO4 for recycling into valuable chemicals for re-use.

Facilitates the development of pre-treatment protocols ahead of electrochemical processing to optimize cell performance and durability.

Allows extended pilot plant campaigns on disparate brine chemistries.

Offers a platform for novel Anionic (AEM) and Cationic (CEM) Exchange Membrane development and scale-up.

Can be configured for two-compartment or multi-compartment electrochemical reactions.

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