BCRI Collaborates with Micron Waste Technologies to Deploy On-Site Waste Treatment Systems

Micron Waste Technologies is a leading organic waste technology company that has patented on-site organic waste treatment systems to reduce costs and GHG from waste disposal. BC Research is collaborating with Micron to design an Organivore™ 2.0 system for on-site waste processing for commercial producers of food waste, including supermarkets, food processors, producers and distributors. The new Organivore will feature innovations developed for the Cannavore™ system, which Micron and BCRI purpose-built for the Cannavore waste processing system. Micron and BCRI will now rapidly install new technologies and applications into the Organivore. The Organivore digests a waste, while extracting and purifying reclaimed water. The system will allow clients to reduce waste management costs incurred by landfill tipping fees, hauling costs and water permits and/or fines for exceeding municipal effluent discharge standards.